A respond is a half-pier or half-pillar which is bonded into a wall and designed to carry the springer at one end of an arch.

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Caricatura - The Science of Caricature
... In the peak shift effect, animals sometimes respond more strongly to exaggerated versions of the training stimuli ... For example, if a rat is trained to respond to a rectangle of a particular aspect ratio, and to avoid a square, when later presented with several rectangles it will prefer ... Ramachandran and Hirstein speculated that cells in a monkey brain that respond to particular faces would respond more strongly to caricatured versions of the face ...
Mercy Medic 105
... (BLS) and Advanced life support (ALS) ambulance services which respond from locations throughout the county on a contracted basis to local municipalities ... ambulances and (currently) a single ALS chase car which respond to 911 emergency calls for service ... At any given time, Mercy EMS has at least 15 employees on the clock which respond first-due to emergency calls in eight municipalities on eight different apparatus ...
Bevirimat - Clinical Trials
... Thomson Financial News reported that, "some patients respond 'very well' to the drug, while another population 'does not respond as well at current dose levels ... did not have Gag polymorphisms, meaning that about 50 percent would likely respond well to the drug ...
Mechanosensation - Cutaneous Mechanoreceptors - C-fibers
... C-fibers are activated by both mechanical and thermal stimuli, and also respond to algesic chemicals, such as capsaicin ... Some C-fibers respond only to mechanical stimuli ... C-fiber nociceptors which respond to both mechanical and thermal stimuli include C-mechanoheat (C-MH), C-mechanocold (C-MC), and C-mechanoheatcold (C-MHC) ...

Famous quotes containing the word respond:

    Called as partners in Christ’s service,
    Called to ministries of grace,
    We respond with deep commitment
    Fresh new lines of faith to trace.
    May we learn the art of sharing,
    Side by side and friend with friend,
    Equal partners in our caring
    To fulfill God’s chosen end.
    Jane Parker Huber (b. 1926)

    Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth.
    Bible: Hebrew Eli, in 1 Samuel, 3:9.

    Advice to Samuel, on how to respond to God’s call.

    I just come and talk to the plants, really—very important to talk to them, they respond I find.
    Charles, Prince Of Wales (b. 1948)