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Sugar Beet - Genetic Modification
... History In the United States, genetically modified sugar beet, engineered for resistance to glyphosate, a herbicide marketed as Roundup, was ... Glyphosate-resistant sugar beet contains a biosynthetic gene that protects it from the effects of glyphosate when it is applied to the crop as a means ... and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) deregulated glyphosate-resistant sugar beet after it conducted an Environmental Assessment and determined glyphosate-resistant sugar ...
Sugar Beet - Genetic Modification - Weed Control
... Glyphosate-resistant The ability to effectively and efficiently control weeds in glyphosate-resistant sugar beet is one of the many reasons why glyphosate-resistant ... Elimination of weeds is important in sugar beet fields because they compete with the crop for water, nutrients and light ... After planting sugar beet seed, weeds emerge in fields and growers apply glyphosate to control them ...
Sugar - Measurements
... Different culinary sugars have different densities due to differences in particle size and inclusion of moisture ... The Domino Sugar Company has established the following volume to weight conversions Brown sugar 1 cup = 48 teaspoons ~ 195 g = 6.88 oz Granular sugar 1 cup = 48 teaspoons ~ 200 g = 7.06 oz ...
Jeffrey White - Federal Judicial Service - Global Warming Ruling
... Federal Law in deregulating glyphosate-resistant sugar beet without adequately evaluating the environmental and socio-economic impacts of allowing commercial production ... On August 13, 2010 Judge White revoked the deregulation of glyphosphate-resistant sugar beet in the Spring of 2011 ... After the ruling, glyphosphate-resistant sugar beet could not be planted until the USDA-APHIS filed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIR) ...
Monsanto - Legal Actions and Controversies - Other Legal Actions in North America - As Plaintiff or Appellant
... their decision to deregulate a glyphosate-resistant sugar beet developed by Monsanto and KWS SAAT AG in 2005 ... expressed concerns regarding glyphosate-resistant sugar beets' ability to potentially cross pollinate with conventional sugar beet ... of California, ruled that USDA-APHIS had violated Federal law in deregulating glyphosate-resistant sugar beet and on August 13, 2010 he ruled further, revoking the ...

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