Replication may refer to:

In music:

In science:

  • Replication (scientific method) is one of the main principles of the scientific method, a.k.a. reproducibility
    • Replication (statistics), the repetition of a test or complete experiment
  • Self-replication, the process in which an entity (a cell, virus, program, etc.) makes a copy of itself.
    • DNA replication or DNA synthesis, the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule
    • Semiconservative replication, mechanism of DNA replication
  • Self-replicating machines
  • Replication (metallography), the use of thin plastic films to duplicate the microstructure of a component

In computing:

  • Replication (computing), the use of redundant resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or performance
  • Replication (stochastic simulation), an individual run of a stochastic simulation model
  • Replication (optical media), the manufacture of CDs and DVDs by means other than burning writable discs

In finance:

  • Option replication, a trading strategy to ensure at a certain date the payoff of an option without trading this option

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