Relying Party

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Certification Path Validation Algorithm
... Path validation is necessary for a relying party to make an informed trust decision when presented with any certificate that is not already explicitly trusted ... a large CA whose trust anchor is present in the relying party's web browser ... then to company B's trust anchor, which a relying party at company B could trust ...
ANSI ASC X9.95 Standard - Definitions
... entity, the Time Stamp Authority, the requestor, the verifier, and a relying party ... The issuer of timestamps, which can be internal to an organization or a third party or external (as in an Internet based service) ... A verifier can be a relying party, regulatory body, or entity that employs a third-party verification service ...
Open ID
... place between the identity provider and the OpenID acceptor (the "relying party") ... attributes, such as name and gender, from the OpenID identity provider to the relying party (each relying party may request a different set of attributes, depending on its requirements) ...
SCVP - Overview
... When a relying party receives a digital certificate and needs to decide whether to trust the certificate, it first needs to determine whether the certificate can be linked to a trusted certificate ... any certificates that are installed in Windows certificate stores or provided by the relying party application ... When using DPD, a relying party asks a server for a certification path that meets its needs ...
Open ID - Security - Phishing
... For example, a malicious relying party may forward the end-user to a bogus identity provider authentication page asking that end-user to input their credentials ... On completion of this, the malicious party (who in this case also controls the bogus authentication page) could then have access to the end-user's account with the identity provider, and as such then ... with them prior to an attempt to authenticate with the relying party ...

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