Religious Text

Religious Text

Religious texts, also known as scripture, scriptures, holy writ, or holy books, are the texts which various religious traditions consider to be sacred, or of central importance to their religious tradition. Many religions and spiritual movements believe that their sacred texts are divinely or supernaturally revealed or inspired.

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Osiris Myth - Sources
... reason for this popularity is the myth's primary religious meaning, which implies that any dead person can reach a pleasant afterlife ... With this widespread appeal, the myth appears in more ancient texts than any other myth and in an exceptionally broad range of Egyptian literary styles ... of the Osiris myth are in the Pyramid Texts, the first Egyptian funerary texts, which appeared on the walls of burial chambers in pyramids at the end of the Fifth Dynasty, during the 25th century BC ...
Religious Text - List of Sacred Texts of Various Religions - Zoroastrianism
... Primary religious texts, that is, the Avesta collection The Yasna, the primary liturgical collection, includes the Gathas ... shorter texts and prayers, the Yashts the five Nyaishes ("worship, praise"), the Sirozeh and the Afringans (blessings) ... There are some 60 secondary religious texts, none of which are considered scripture ...
ACLU Of N.C. & Syidah Matteen V. State Of North Carolina - Appeals Court Ruling
... to tell the truth be sworn on the holy text of her religious faith, the Quran ... the Christian Bible, her options were to affirm without the use of a religious text or be denied the opportunity to testify. 11-2, she has the right to swear on her holy text, the Quran." The Court held that the case should go forward, because without a court decision on the matter a conflict was ...
Zoroastrianism - Religious Text - Middle Persian/Pahlavi
... in the 9th and 10th century contain many religious Zoroastrian books, as most of the writers and copyists were part of the Zoroastrian clergy ... All Middle Persian texts written on Zoroastrianism during this time period are considered secondary works on the religion, and not scripture ... Nonetheless, these texts have a strong influence on the religion ...

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    If ever I should condescend to prose,
    I’ll write poetical commandments, which
    Shall supersede beyond all doubt all those
    That went before; in these I shall enrich
    My text with many things that no one knows,
    And carry precept to the highest pitch:
    I’ll call the work ‘Longinus o’er a Bottle,
    Or, Every Poet his own Aristotle.’
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    Pray for the Liberty of the Conscience to revive among us.... Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprize, every expanded prospect.
    James Madison (1751–1836)