Reduced Vowels

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Stress And Vowel Reduction In English - Distinctions Between Reduced and Unreduced Vowels
... linguists make a phonemic distinction between syllables that contain reduced vowels (as listed above – syllabic consonants are also included in this category), and those that, while being ... completely unstressed), while in others the reduced/unreduced distinction is regarded as one of vowel quality not involving any difference in stress ... who thus consider that there are two "tiers" of vowels in English, full and reduced ...
Stress And Vowel Reduction In English - Reduced Vowels - Syllabic Consonants
... The other sounds that can serve as the peak of reduced syllables are the syllabic consonants ... When these occur, there is a syllable with no vowel ...
Traditional English Pronunciation Of Latin - Vowels - Realizations of a, E, I and o - Reduced Vowels
... Reduced vowels appear in unstressed syllables, except for Closed initial unstressed syllables, which are generally short ...
Common Eldarin - The Vowels - Reduced Vowels
... Common Eldarin had also "reduced vowels" a shwa ə and 5 syllabic continuants ļ, ŗ, ņ, ṃ, ñ ...

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    These equal syllables alone require,
    Though oft the ear the open vowels tire;
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    It is Mortifying to suppose it possible that a people able and zealous to contend with the Enemy should be reduced to fold their Arms for want of the means of defence; yet no resources that we know of, ensure us against this event.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)