Red Supergiants

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... Supergiants are among the most massive stars ... In the Yerkes spectral classification, supergiants are class Ia (most luminous supergiants) or Ib (less luminous supergiants) ... The most luminous supergiants are often classified as hypergiants of class 0 or Ia+ ...
Yellow Supergiant
... A yellow supergiant (YSG) is a supergiant star of spectral type F or G ... These stars have initial masses between about 10 and 40 solar masses, although some yellow supergiants will have lost over half of that ... Higher mass stars do not expand beyond blue supergiants ...
Supergiant Stars - Supernova Progenitors
... Almost by definition, supergiants are destined to end their lives violently ... However, the simple "onion" models showing red supergiants inevitably developing to an iron core and then exploding have been shown to be much too ... unusual type II-P Supernova 1987A was a blue supergiant, thought to have already passed through the red supergiant phase of its life, and this is now known to be ...

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