A recommendation can be:

  • In technical contexts, a norm (philosophy) or a norm (sociology)
  • Recommender systems use Information filtering systems to create computer generated recommendations
  • European Union recommendation, in international law
  • W3C recommendation, in Internet contexts
  • a letter of recommendation in employment or academia

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Recommendation Concerning The Status Of Higher Education Teaching Personnel - Compliance With The Recommendation
... is ongoing debate as to how effective the Recommendation has been ... James Page (2007) have recently argued that there is widespread ignorance of the Recommendation and the standards the Recommendation sets out ... compliance with the standards set down in the Recommendation ...
Policy Measures Of The European Union - Recommendation
... Recommendations are similar in structure to Directives but they do not hold any legal obligation ... There are often described as soft law, and the Commission has been accused of using Recommendations to avoid lengthy and politically sensitive consultations ...
Anti Corruption Commission Bangladesh - Functions of The Commission
... provisions of any law for prevention of corruption and submit recommendation to the President for their effective implementation To undertake research, prepare plan for prevention of ... of corruption in the context of socio-economic conditions of Bangladesh and make recommendation to the President for taking necessary steps To ...
Group Lens Research
... construction of the "GroupLens" recommender, a Usenet article recommendation engine, and MovieLens, a popular movie recommendation site used to study recommendation engines, tagging systems, and user ...