• (noun): A time immediately before the present.
    Synonyms: recentness
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Handicapping in Action - Horse Racing - Factors
... Independent Variable Definition FINISH1 Recency-weighted mean of past normalized finishing position ... FIRSTCALL Recency-weighted mean of past first call position (an early speed factor) ... WINHISTORY Recency-weighted mean of past win history (binary coding with 1 for wins and 0 otherwise) ...
Principles Of Learning - Recency
... The principle of recency states that things most recently learned are best remembered ... Instructors recognize the principle of recency when they carefully plan a summary for a lesson or learning situation ... The principle of recency often determines the sequence of lectures within a course of instruction ...
Law Of Primacy In Persuasion
... This empirical evidence was generally accepted until 1950, when Cromwell published findings of a recency effect in persuasive arguments that were considered statistically reliable ... Order of Presentation in Persuasion, that systematic study of the primacy-recency problem began ... which has the greater advantage the issue presented first (primacy) or the issue presented last (recency) The systematic study of the problem did not begin until the 1950s where ...
Remember Versus Know Judgements - Influences On Remembering and Knowing - Factors That Influence Remember Responses But Not Know Responses Are - Serial Position
... They found that testing led to positive recency effects for remembered items on the other hand, with no prior test, negative recency effects occurred for remembered items ... Thus, both primary and recency effects can be seen in remember responses ...
Recency Illusion
... The recency illusion is the belief or impression that something is of recent origin when it is in fact long-established ... Linguistic items prone to the Recency Illusion include "Singular they" - the use of they to reference a singular antecedent, as in someone said they liked the play ...

More definitions of "recency":

  • (noun): The property of having happened or appeared not long ago.
    Synonyms: recentness