Realism - Socio-political Realism

Socio-political Realism

Legal realism is the theory that law is made by human beings and thus subject to human imperfections. Left realism and Right Realism are contrasting theories about the prevention and control of crime. Classical political realism holds that it is fundamentally the nature of man that pushes states and individuals to act in a way that places interests over ideologies while Liberal realism or the "English school of international relations theory" centres upon the theory that there exists a 'society of states'. Defensive realism is a theory that anarchy on the world stage causes states to increase their security while offensive realism takes the view that states will exploit opportunities to expand whenever they are presented. Neorealism or structural realism is theory that international structures act as a constraint on state behavior. Post-realism sees international realism as a particular rhetoric of international relations while Subaltern realism concerns the theory that Third World states are more concerned with short term gains.

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Famous quotes containing the word realism:

    While we look to the dramatist to give romance to realism, we ask of the actor to give realism to romance.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)