RDS may refer to:

  • Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon's cloud-based Relational Database Service
  • Radio Data System
  • Radio Dimensione Suono, an Italian radio station
  • Random dot stereogram, a form of 3-D image
  • SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, from SAP AG
  • Rate-determining step, the slowest step of a chemical reaction
  • Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme - An Irrigation project in Mahbubunagar district, AP, India
  • RDS-1, RDS-4, RDS-37 etc., nuclear bombs of the Sowiet Union, see Soviet atomic bomb project#Important Soviet nuclear tests
  • Realistic disaster scenario
  • Real-time data store
  • Red dot sight, type of firearm reflector sight that uses a red light emitting diode to generate a red aiming dot
  • Reddish South railway station, England has the National Rail station code RDS
  • Reflectance Difference Spectroscopy
  • Reliable Datagram Sockets, a computer network protocol used in Oracle RAC clusters
  • Reliable Digit Span Score, a test used by mental health professionals to determine malingering or symptom exaggeration in cognitive functioning, with a score of 7 or below indicating positive findings.
  • Remote Data Services, a deprecated component of Microsoft Data Access Components
  • Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft's mechanism for remote access to applications and data on a remote computer over a network (formerly Terminal Services)
  • Resolver Discovery Service (see RFC 2276)
  • Research Defence Society
  • Réseau des sports, a French-language television network in Canada
    • RDS Info, a sister sports news channel to Réseau des sports
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Retinal Degeneration, Slow, another name for the human gene Peripherin 2
  • Reward Deficiency Syndrome, a term coined by neuro-scientist Dr Kenneth Blum upon discovering the addiction gene
  • Romania Data Systems, an ISP in Romania
  • Rough Draft Studios
  • Royal Dublin Society
  • RDS Arena a stadium within the grounds of the Royal Dublin Society and home to Leinster Rugby
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Run Drop Slide
  • RDS, a song by Alastair Galbraith

Other articles related to "rds":

Programme Identification
... (PI) is a service provided by radio stations transmitting Radio Data System (RDS) data as part of the FM radio broadcast ... RDS receivers decode the extra data contained within the FM radio signal to display extra information on compatible radio receivers ... In addition to this information which the listener can see, RDS also allows listeners to stay tuned to a network whilst travelling across the service area of multiple transmitters ...
Royal Dublin Society
... The Royal Dublin Society (RDS) was founded on 25 June 1731 to "to promote and develop agriculture, arts, industry, and science in Ireland" ... The RDS is synonymous with its main premises in Ballsbridge in Dublin, Ireland ... These premises include the "RDS Arena", "RDS Simmonscourt", "RDS Main Hall" and other venues which are used regularly for exhibitions, concerts and sporting events, including regular use by the Leinster Rugby ...
Microsoft Visual Programming Language - Tools
... RDS 3D simulation environment allows you to simulate the behavior of robots in a virtual world using NVIDIA PhysX technology (3D engine originally written by Ageia) that includes advanced physics ... There are several simulation environments in RDS ... The Kinect sensor can be used on a robot in the RDS environment ...