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Semi-automatic Pistols - Technology
... For a semi-automatic pistol, this is typically accomplished by recoil operation ... The Desert Eagle is a rare example of a semi-automatic pistol that siphons off some of the gases instead of relying on short recoil operation ... A semi-automatic pistol will fire only one shot per trigger pull, in contrast to a "fully automatic" or machine pistol, which continues to fire as long as the trigger is held or until all rounds have been ...
Bernina Sewing Machine - Model Ranges
1954–1963 Model 530 First BERNINA with patented snap-on presser foot and semi-automatic buttonhole-sewing function. 1986–1989 Model 1130 First computerized BERNINA with fully automatic one-step buttonholes and stitch memory. 1989–1998 Model 1230 Model with expanded memory capacity and fully automatic one-step buttonholes, including eyelet buttonholes ...
Legal Status Of The AK-47 - In The United States
... The 1989 Semi-Automatic Rifle Import Ban (18 USC 925(d)(3)) and the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban specifically banned the AK-47 by name ... The Gun Control Act of 1968 ceased the import of foreign-manufactured fully automatic firearms for civilian sales and possession ... an amendment called the Firearm Owners Protection Act stopped all domestic manufacturing of fully automatic weapons for civilian use ...
Burst Mode (weapon)
... In automatic firearms, burst mode or burst fire is a firing mode enabling the shooter to fire a predetermined number of rounds, usually 2 or 3 rounds on hand held weapons and 100 ... is normally employed as an intermediate fire mode between semi-automatic and fully automatic, although some firearms lack a "full auto" capability and use a burst mode instead ... military) has, in addition to the semi-automatic mode, a 3-round burst mode, which replaced the fully automatic mode of the previous M16A1 ...
History Of The Firearm - Firearms in The West - Repeating and Automatic Firearms
... firearms are sometimes called "self-loading," but are more commonly known as semi-automatic, if they fire one shot for every pull of the trigger, or automatic or "full-auto" if they continue to fire until the ... These are also called semi or full-automatics ... by Mexican general Manuel Mondragón and was the first automatic firearm able to be operated by a single rifleman, since its debut in 1887 it has gone through a series of improvements and has ...

Famous quotes containing the words automatic and/or fully:

    What we learn for the sake of knowing, we hold; what we learn for the sake of accomplishing some ulterior end, we forget as soon as that end has been gained. This, too, is automatic action in the constitution of the mind itself, and it is fortunate and merciful that it is so, for otherwise our minds would be soon only rubbish-rooms.
    Anna C. Brackett (1836–1911)

    ...here he is, fully alive, and it is hard to picture him fully dead. Death is thirty-three hours away and here we are talking about the brain size of birds and bloodhounds and hunting in the woods. You can only attend to death for so long before the life force sucks you right in again.
    Helen Prejean (b. 1940)