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Digital Negative - Timeline
... Convertible raw image formats (camera models whose raw images can be converted to DNG) only include official support by Adobe DNG converters not unofficial support by Adobe products (sometim ... Convertible raw image formats 60+ 2005, February Specification version published ... to provide a DNG converter for its own raw file formats - Hasselblad's FlexColor ...
Vector Graphics Markup Languages - Major Graphic File Formats - Raster Formats - RAW
... RAW refers to raw image formats that are available on some digital cameras, rather than to a specific format ... These formats usually use a lossless or nearly lossless compression, and produce file sizes smaller than the TIFF formats ... Although there is a standard raw image format, (ISO 12234-2, TIFF/EP), the raw formats used by most cameras are not standardized or documented, and differ among ...
Digital Negative - Rationale For DNG
... Given the existence of other raw image formats, Adobe's creation of DNG as a competing format implies that DNG is unusual and satisfies objectives that other raw image formats ... a given characteristic, it is difficult to demonstrate that no other relevant format offers the same ...

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