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Lab Rats Challenge
... Lab Rats Challenge is an Australian children's game show ... filmed on a large set in front of a live studio audience, Lab Rats Challenge uses several smaller sets resembling an abandoned science laboratory as well as special effects sequences inserted in post-produc ...
Stichodactyla Toxin - Toxicity
... In rats the therapeutic safety index was greater than 75-fold ... The peptide was not toxic to human and rat lymphoid cells incubated for 48 h with 100 nM of ShK-170 (>1200 times greater than the Kv1.3 half-blocking dose) ... either the time or the frequency domain in rats ...
Leesburg Lightning - Playoff Appearances
... Altamonte Springs Snappers W (6-0) 2008 Sanford River Rats W (3-1) Clermont Mavericks L 0-2 2009 Belleview Bulldogs W 2-0 Clermont Mavericks W (5-1) 2010 Sanford River Rats W (3-0), W (9-8 ...
Laughter In Animals - Rats
... It has been discovered that rats emit long, high frequency, ultrasonic, socially induced vocalization during rough and tumble play and when tickled ... It was also discovered that like humans, rats have "tickle skin" ... occurs with the human tickler, resulting in the rats becoming conditioned to seek the tickling ...
Rats, Bats And Vats Series - The Stories
... The first, a group of one human, five bats, and seven rats the second being the daughter of the Chief Executive Shareholder and her uplifted galago the third one, an idealistic if intimidating MI major ... The Rats, The Bats and The Ugly deals with the consequences of ignoring the military chain of command, that is court martial, and the attempts to either ...

Famous quotes containing the word rats:

    God damn it, father-doctor.
    I’m really thirty-six.
    I see dead rats in the toilet.
    I’m one of the lunatics.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Three young rats with black felt hats,
    Three young ducks with white straw flats,
    —Unknown. Three Young Rats (l. 1–2)

    I consider that that “that” that worries us so much should be forgotten. Rats desert a sinking ship. Thats infest a sinking magazine.
    James Thurber (1894–1961)