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99 Ranch Market - Competitors
... In Southern California, 99 Ranch's main competitors are the Hong Kong Supermarket (established in 1981) and Shun Fat Supermarket (started in the mid-199 ... In the San Francisco Bay Area, 99 Ranch Market's main competitors are the Marina Food and Lion Supermarket chains, as well as smaller and longer-established Cantonese Chinese grocery stores, such as those in Oakland's ... In the Silicon Valley, 99 Ranch Market and Marina are complemented by a number of other large Asian supermarkets with various national-ethnic affiliations ...
Sam Woo Restaurant - Description
... There was one in Montebello when 99 Ranch Market operated there (under its original name, 99 Price Market), but the restaurant changed its name when one of the employees bought the restaurant from ... located in shopping centers anchored by 99 Ranch Market stores ... The popular Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant as well as anchor tenant 99 Ranch Market have also made the developments of the spectacular Chinatown, Las Vegas possible ...
99 Ranch Market
99 Ranch Market (traditional Chinese 大華超級市場 simplified Chinese 大华超级市场 pinyin Dàhuá Chāojíshìchǎng Pe̍h-ōe-jī Tāi-huâ-chhiau-kip-chh. 99 Ranch has over 30 stores, primarily in California, with other stores in Nevada, Washington, and Texas ... It is also considered a Taiwanese-American market because of the considerable amount of products imported from Taiwan and because the store was founded by Taiwanese-born American Roger H ...
Rowland Heights, California - History
... Rowland homestead was behind the 99 Ranch Market near the corner of Gale Avenue and Nogales Street ... large Asian supermarkets - such as a 99 Ranch Market (billed as the chain's largest location during the late 1980s), Hong Kong Supermarket, and Monterey Park-based Shun Fat ... Also there are Korean supermarkets such as DoReMi Market (formerly known as HanGook Market) and Greenland Market ...

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