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Sinking Of The RMS Titanic - 14 April 1912 - Iceberg Warnings (09:00–23:39)
... During 14 April 1912, Titanic's radio operators received six messages from other ships warning of drifting ice, which passengers on Titanic had begun ... Not all of these messages were relayed by the radio operators ... is unclear, but it may have been forgotten because the radio operators had to fix faulty equipment ...
Sinking Of The RMS Titanic - 15 April 1912 - Departure of The Lifeboats (00:45–02:05) - Launching of The Last Lifeboats
... The two radio operators nonetheless continued sending out distress messages almost to the very end ... a final tour of the deck, telling the radio operators and other crew members "Now it's every man for himself." As passengers and crew headed to the stern, where Father Thomas Byles was giving ... own account, written soon after the sinking, and Radio Operator Harold Bride said that he had heard "Autumn", by which he may have meant Archibald Joyce's then-popular waltz "Songe d'Automne" (Autumn Dream) ...
Pearl Harbor Advance-knowledge Conspiracy Theory - Detection of Japanese Transmissions
... Striking Force), steamed toward Hawaii, radio signals were detected that alerted U.S ... plotted via "relative bearings" unusual radio traffic, in a telegraphic code very different from International Morse which persisted for several days, and came from signal source(s) moving ... To the experienced radio operator, each has a unique and identifiable pattern ...

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    A bibulation of sports writers, a yammer of radio announcers, a guilt of umpires, an indigence of writers.
    Walter Wellesley (Red)