Róbert Ingi Douglas

Róbert Ingi Douglas (born 4 June 1973 in Reykjavík) is an Icelandic film director, screenwriter and cinematographer who made his feature film debut with Íslenski draumurinn (2000). That film became a sleeper hit in the summer of 2000 becoming one of Iceland's biggest box-office hits that year. Róbert Douglas followed the success of his first film with a darker film about subtle racism in Iceland's society, Maður eins og ég (2002). That film proved to be another commercial success in Iceland. Douglas has just completed Eleven Men Out (2005), a film about an all-gay soccer team. The film has already become a success outside of Iceland and is the director's first film to do so. Before making Eleven Men Out, Douglas made a documentary for television.

Douglas is half Irish, half Icelandic. His mother is from Iceland and his father is from Northern Ireland.

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