Puntland (Somali: Buntlaand, Arabic: أرض البنط‎), officially the Puntland State of Somalia (Somali: Maamul Goboleedka Buntlaand ee Soomaaliya), is a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garowe in the Nugaal province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state in 1998.

Puntland is bordered by Somaliland to its west, the Gulf of Aden in the north, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, the central Galmudug region of Somalia in the south, and Ethiopia in the southwest.

A third of Somalia's population lives in the territory, which contains about a third of the nation's geographical area. Unlike neighbouring Somaliland, Puntland, as with all other regions in the country, does not seek outright independence from Somalia.

The name "Puntland" is derived from the Land of Punt mentioned by ancient Egyptian sources. The exact location of the fabled territory is still a mystery. Many studies suggest that the Land of Punt was located in present-day Somalia, while others propose that it was situated elsewhere.

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Abdullahi Ahmed Jama - Maakhir
... the promise of running in and winning the upcoming Puntland macro-region's presidential election, and to improve the role of Maakhir's inhabitants within Puntland's administration ... was instrumental in bringing Maakhir back into the Puntland fold ...
Abdirahman Farole - President of Puntland - Galmudug Accord
... sporadic targeted assassination attempts by Al-Shabaab militants against Puntland public officials in the north-central city of Galkayo, the Farole administration in 2010-2011 launched a police crackdown ... The Puntland and Galmudug authorities subsequently signed an accord in Garowe in February 2011, officially agreeing to cooperate on security, economic and ... In April of that year, the Puntland government also replaced the Mudug region's Governor and his deputies and dissolved the local district council ...
Abdullahi Ahmed Jama - Puntland
... After having lost the Puntland macro-region's 2009 presidential race to Abdirahman Mohamud Farole, Ilkajir was appointed by Farole to the position of Interior Minister in Puntland's cabinet in ... Ilkajir's new role as Puntland's Interior Minister includes duties such as forming local district/regional governors across Puntland, areas which now also include the former Maakhir ...
List Of Universities In Somalia - Tertiary Institutions - Puntland
... Qardho Gaalkacyo University, Galkacyo Mogadishu University (Puntland branch), Bosaso Mudug University, North Galkacyo Plasma University (Puntland branch ...
Puntland - Media
... Puntland has its own television channel and studios (SBC TV, radio website and ETN TV), as well as radio stations ... Garowe is a community radio station based in Garowe, the capital of Puntland ... Based in Garowe, Puntland Post was established in 2001 by Somali expatriates in Denmark ...