Pump Action

  • (noun): Action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun; a back and forward motion of a sliding lever ejects the empty shell case and cocks the firearm and loads a new round.
    Synonyms: slide action

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Paintball Equipment - Markers
... beginning with the original "Nel-Spot" bolt-action pistols, progressing to pump-action markers, then to semi-automatic mechanical markers, and finally culminating in the electropneumatic paintball ... releases the sear, allowing the marker's action to cycle ... also pushes the ram back where it is caught again by the sear, resetting the action for the next shot ...
Bee Bee - Operation
... spring piston type, usually patterned after a lever action rifle or a pump action shotgun ... The lever action rifle was the first type of BB gun, and still dominates the inexpensive youth BB gun market ... Daisy Model 25 BB gun, modeled after a pump action shotgun with a trombone pump action mechanism, dominated the low price, higher performance market for over 50 ...
... A pump-action rifle or shotgun is one in which the handgrip can be pumped back and forth in order to eject a spent round of ammunition and to chamber a fresh one ... It is much faster than a bolt-action and somewhat faster than a lever-action, as it does not require the trigger hand to be removed from the trigger whilst reloading ... When used in rifles, this action is also commonly called a slide action ...
Benelli M3 - Background
... Pump-action operation is employed when shooting less powerful shells—such as rubber bullets—that do not generate enough recoil to operate the semi-automatic mechanism ... but adds another Benelli-patented feature, which allows the shooter to lock the semi-automatic action and switch to the manually operated pump-action mode and back in the matter ... The action type switch is located at the forward end of the forearm, and is formed as an annular knurled ring ...
Combat Shotgun - Method of Operation
... There are two primary modes of operation for combat shotguns, the pump action, and various semi-automatic designs, mostly gas operation and recoil operation designs ... M3 shotguns, combine the two, offering pump action or, when the pump is locked forwards, autoloading operation ... shotgun (semi or full automatic) offers a higher (theoretical) rate of fire than a pump shotgun, though controlling a heavy recoiling shotgun in rapid fire is difficult ...

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    The daughters of delight now pump iron.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)