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Common-pool Resource
... resource (CPR), also called a common property resource, is a type of good consisting of a natural or human-made resource system (e.g ... Unlike pure public goods, common pool resources face problems of congestion or overuse, because they are subtractable ... the term "common property resource" to designate a type of good has been criticized, because common-pool resources are not necessarily governed by common property regimes ...
Lindahl Tax - Lindahl Equilibrium
... A Lindahl equilibrium is a method for finding the optimum level for the supply of public goods or services.This idea was given by Erik Lindahl in 1919 ... when the total per-unit price paid by each individual equals the total per unit cost of the public good ... on the share of the cost they must provide for the supply of the particular public good ...
Subsidies In India - Methodology For Estimation of Subsidies in India
... and certain direct payments to producers in the private or public sectors (including compensation for operating losses for public undertakings) that are treated as subsidies ... expenditure, equity investments in public enterprises, and loans given for the service concerned including those to the public enterprises ... Z = sum of equity and loans advanced to public enterprises classified within the service category at the beginning of the period ...
William Oakland - Public Goods, Perfect Competition, and Underproduction
... A prominent paper written by Oakland was Public Goods, Perfect Competition, and Underproduction ... argues that "atomistic" competition will cause an allocation of public goods which is suboptimal and is inefficiently allocated ... He also presents the idea that prices for individual units of a public good will vary but the prices for the public good will not vary across consumers ...
Samuelson Condition
... The Samuelson condition, authored by Paul Samuelson, in the theory of public goods in economics, is a condition for the efficient provision of public goods ... condition implies that further substituting private for public goods (or vice versa) would result in a decrease of social utility ... economy's marginal rate of transformation between the public good and an arbitrarily chosen private good ...

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    A person far from home is not valued highly, but goods imported from afar are.
    Chinese proverb.

    In public buildings set aside for the care and maintenance of the goods of the middle ages, a staff of civil service art attendants praise all the dead, irrelevant scribblings and scrawlings that, at best, have only historical interest for idiots and layabouts.
    George Grosz (1893–1959)