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CRYPTREC - Evaluated Techniques (as of 2002)
... Algorithm from the Digital Signature Standard FIPS Pub 186-2 ANSI X9.30, part 1) ECDSA (ANSI X9.62) (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm ANSI X9.62, SEC1 by Standards for Efficient Cryptography Group - 2000 ... FIPS Pub, and other, std) 128-bit block ciphers AES (NIST Advanced Encryption Standard, FIPS Pub std) Cryptographic Hash Algorithms MD5 (Message Digest algorithm 5 (Rivest)) RIPEMD-160 RIPE project Message Digest at ... digest) Cryptographic Pseudo-Random Number Generators PRNG for DSA in FIPS Pub 186-2 Appendix 3 PRNG in ANSI X9.42-2001 Annex C.1/C.2 PRNG in ANSI X9.62-1998 Annex A.4 PRNG in ANSI X9.63-2001 Annex A.4 ...