Psi Phenomena

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Technology In Science Fiction - ESP/Psychic Powers/Psi Phenomena - Summary
... in science and technology helping to study and promote parapsychology or Psi Phenomena, many SF writers felt the need to incorporate and elaborate on these subjects in their stories ... While technology helped the investigation into Psi Phenomena it also created questions that many SF writers chose to answer, through their stories, in their own unique way ... If we look at some of the examples of Psi Phenomena prominent in stories, they may have stemmed from how science would take this experimentation with Psi Phenomena and use it ...
Psychic Powers - Criticism and Controversy
... has only been a minority of parapsychologists who have advocated physical theories for psi ... in an attempt to explain reported paranormal phenomena ... Many theories have been proposed by parapsychologists to explain how psi takes place ...

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    It is impossible to dissociate language from science or science from language, because every natural science always involves three things: the sequence of phenomena on which the science is based; the abstract concepts which call these phenomena to mind; and the words in which the concepts are expressed. To call forth a concept, a word is needed; to portray a phenomenon, a concept is needed. All three mirror one and the same reality.
    Antoine Lavoisier (1743–1794)