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LRRC23 - Protein Sequence
... containing two varieties of internally repeating sequence ... The other repeated sequence occurs twice in bases 3-36 ...
Gene Prediction - Extrinsic Approaches
... or evidence-based) gene finding systems, the target genome is searched for sequences that are similar to extrinsic evidence in the form of the known sequence of a messenger RNA (mRNA) or protein ... Given an mRNA sequence, it is trivial to derive a unique genomic DNA sequence from which it had to have been transcribed ... Given a protein sequence, a family of possible coding DNA sequences can be derived by reverse translation of the genetic code ...
Phyre - Description
... Phyre and Phyre2 servers predict the three-dimensional structure of a protein sequence using the principles and techniques of homology modeling ... Because the structure of a protein is more conserved in evolution than its amino acid sequence, a protein sequence of interest (the target) can be modeled with reasonable accuracy on a very distantly related ... and accurate methods for detecting and aligning remotely related sequences rely on profiles or hidden Markov models (HMMs) ...
Protein–DNA Interaction Site Predictor
... sites formed on surfaces of DNA-binding proteins ... DNA-binding sites from the structural and even sequence properties of unbound proteins ... This approach has been successfully implemented for predicting the proteinprotein interface ...

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