Profiling, the extrapolation of information about something, based on known qualities, may refer specifically to:

  • Profiling practices (Information science)
  • Forensic profiling, used in several types of forensic sciences
  • Offender profiling
  • Profiling (computer programming) in software engineering
  • Racial profiling
  • Sexual orientation profiling

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Forensic Profiling
... Forensic profiling refers to the study and the exploitation of traces in order to draw a profile relevant to the supporting of various security tasks, mostly ... Forensic profiling is different than offender profiling, which only refers to the identification of an offender to the psychological profile of a criminal ... In particular, forensic profiling should refer to profiling practices in general, i.e ...
Types of Profiling Practices
... In order to clarify the nature of profiling technologies some crucial distinctions have to be made between different types of profiling practices, apart from the ... are those between bottom-up and top-down profiling (or supervised and unsupervised learning), and between individual and group profiles ...
Code Analyst - Code Optimization
... The GUI assists in various kinds of code profiling including time based profiling, hardware event-based profiling, instruction-based profiling and ... was added in CodeAnalyst 3.4, allowing users to choose between OProfile and PERF as the profiling backend ...