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List Of Pokémon Adventures Characters - Protagonists - Red
... his Pokémon journey with a Bulbasaur he received from Professor Oak, which evolved into Ivysaur and later Venusaur ... He is rivals with Professor Oak's grandson, Blue ... he failed to capture the mysterious Mew, leading him to Professor Oak for advice on becoming a better Pokémon trainer ...
Pokémon Live! - Plot Synopsis - Act I
... story begins with Ash declining on joining his mother Delia, and Professor Oak to a lecture on Snorlax behaviors, because he has plans of his own today ... In the meantime, Delia and Professor Oak approach the old, run-down building where the Snorlax lecture is supposed to be held ... feels that she is losing touch with her son, the Professor reassures her by saying that things never stay the same for long ("Everything Changes") ...
Sketchit - Professors
... Professor Samuel Oak (オーキド博士, Ōkido-hakase?, Professor Okido) Voiced by Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese), Stuart Zagnit (credited as Stan Hart- 4Kids, English) and Jimmy Zoppi (as Sonny Strait TPCi, English ... Although he is an expert on all matters relating to Pokémon, Professor Oak specializes in Pokémon behavioural science ... revealed that the boy Ash, Misty, and Brock befriended grew up to be Professor Oak, meaning that Professor Oak was best friends with Ash when he was a boy ...
List Of Pokémon Adventures Characters - Protagonists - Green
... as (Blue (ブルー, Burū?)) is the thief who stole the starter Pokémon, Squirtle, from Professor Oak as, having been kidnapped long ago by Ho-Oh, she could ... the tournament and made it into the semifinals, but was defeated by Professor Oak, who used bird Pokémon, as it was her phobia ... Upon learning of her problem, Professor Oak took pity on her, gave her the third Pokédex and forgave her for stealing his Squirtle ...

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    At about that time I was once sitting at my place and whispering—it was naughty, I know—with my neighbor. Then you, Herr Professor Rudner, got up from your desk, came calmly down the aisle to me: “Did you speak?” and slapped me smack in the face. And I—the fury is inside me to this day—I didn’t hit back. Such were the methods of objectivity.
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