Primitive Markings

Primitive markings among domestic horses are a group of hair coat markings and qualities associated with primitive breeds, and the dun coat color family in particular. All dun horses possess at least the dorsal stripe but the presence of the other primitive markings varies. Other common markings may include horizontal striping on the legs, transverse striping across the shoulders, and lighter guard hairs along the edges of a dark mane and tail.

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Champagne Gene - Coat Colors - Interaction With Other Coat Color Factors
... The dun gene is responsible for flat, diluted coat colors and vivid primitive markings ... compared to non-dun champagnes, and will always exhibit striking primitive markings, such as a dorsal stripe and zebra-like stripes on the legs ... distinguishable from non-dun champagnes in the presence of primitive markings and a flatter tone ...
Dun Gene
... the underlying base color to the mane, tail, legs, and "primitive markings" ... Manes, tails, primitive markings, and other dark areas are usually the shade of the undiluted base coat color ... The dun gene also is characterized by primitive markings, which are darker than the body color ...
Equine Coat Colors - Other Coat Colors
... be considered black, it must be completely black except for white markings ... color with "zebra-like" stripes, but most common is a brown horse with faint yellowish markings ... Dun Yellowish or tan coat with primitive markings, sometimes called "dun factors" a darker-colored mane and tail, a dorsal stripe along the back and occasionally faint horizontal zebra ...
Dun Gene - Dun Mimics
... the more cream or gold buckskin, and duns also possess primitive markings ... Some buckskins do show countershading, but it is not related to the primitive markings of dun factor horses ... horse with the dun gene that causes the lighter coat color and the primitive markings ...

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