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2006 In Israel - Events
... January 4 – Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffers a severe hemorrhagic stroke and falls into a coma ... As a result, Sharon's deputy Ehud Olmert begins exercising the powers of the office of Prime Minister ... the Israeli politician and son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, to a nine-month prison term, a nine-month suspended sentence and a NIS 300,000 fine after he is ...
Irish Free State - Northern Ireland "opts Out"
... The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Sir James Craig, speaking in the Parliament in October 1922 said that “when the 6th of December is passed the month ... Prime Minister Craig left for London with the memorial embodying the address on the night boat that evening, 7 December 1922 ... day, The Times reporting On 13 December 1922 Prime Minister Craig addressed the Parliament informing them that the King had responded to the Parliament’s address as ...
2004 In The Palestinian Territories - Events - Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
... – Over 100,000 people rally in Tel Aviv to protest Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plans to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank ... February 2 – Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon announces to the Ha'aretz newspaper that he plans to dismantle 17 Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip ... May 2 – Members of Israel's Likud Party vote on whether or not to approve Ariel Sharon's proposal to pull out of the Gaza Strip unilaterally ...
2003 In Israel - Events - Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
... May 25 – Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wins cabinet approval for a peace plan that includes the creation of a Palestinian Arab state by 2005 ... May 27 – Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon states that the "occupation" of Palestinian territories is "a terrible thing for Israel and for the Palestinians" and "can't ... June 4 – "Road map" for peace Israeli Prime Minister Sharon promises to dismantle illegal settlements in the West Bank, while new Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas renounces all ...
2005 In Israel - Events
... Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and several Israeli leaders condemn the attack and offer condolences to the families. 7 – Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel, resigns his cabinet post as Finance Minister in protest against the planned Israeli withdrawal ... Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is appointed to succeed him ...

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    If one had to worry about one’s actions in respect of other people’s ideas, one might as well be buried alive in an antheap or married to an ambitious violinist. Whether that man is the prime minister, modifying his opinions to catch votes, or a bourgeois in terror lest some harmless act should be misunderstood and outrage some petty convention, that man is an inferior man and I do not want to have anything to do with him any more than I want to eat canned salmon.
    Aleister Crowley (1875–1947)

    In time, after a dozen years of centering their lives around the games boys play with one another, the boys’ bodies change and that changes everything else. But the memories are not erased of that safest time in the lives of men, when their prime concern was playing games with guys who just wanted to be their friendly competitors. Life never again gets so simple.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    But, my dear, you cannot live in isolation from the human race, you know.
    John Clifford, U.S. screenwriter, and Herk Harvey. Minister (Stan Levitt)