Prehistoric Iberia

Prehistoric Iberia

The prehistory of the Iberian peninsula begins with the arrival of the first hominins 1.2 million years ago and ends with the Punic Wars, when the territory enters the domains of written history. In this long period, some of its most significant landmarks were to host the last stand of the Neanderthal people, to develop some of the most impressive Paleolithic art, alongside with southern France, to be the seat of the earliest civilizations of Western Europe and finally to become a most desired colonial objective due to its strategic position and its many mineral riches.

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Prehistoric Iberia - Iron Age - Arrival of Romans and Punic Wars
... Punic War (264–241 BC), the Carthaginians began to extend their conquest of Iberia to expand their empire further into Europe ... BC), Hannibal marched his armies, which included Iberians, from Africa through Iberia to cross the Alps and attack the Romans in Italy ... Carthage was again defeated and lost Iberia ...

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