Practitioner may refer to:

  • Medical practitioner
  • Justice practitioner
  • Solitary practitioner, in Wicca and Paganism
  • The Practitioner, a medical journal

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List Of Capoeira Techniques - Kicks - Raiz
... It could be described as a sideswipe with less rotation, so the practitioner lands on the rear leg from the take off instead of the kicking leg ... In starting this move, the practitioner turns slightly sideways at the waist with the arm-swing motion ... This motion causes the practitioner's back to become parallel to the ground ...
List Of The 72 Shaolin Martial Arts - Cinnabar Palm
... Zhūshā zhǎng) is said to yield great benefits to the practitioner but such claims are not supported by modern science ... During training, the practitioner fills a vessel with sand and continuously rubs his hands in the sand until he is worn out ... Mastery is achieved when the practitioner can move the iron balls without touching them ...
List Of The 72 Shaolin Martial Arts - Crouching Tiger Skill
... Wò hǔ gōng) helps to increase the power of the practitioner's hands, feet, fingers and toes ... In the final stage, the practitioner does push-ups using only three fingers of each hand and one toe ... heavy weights are also added to the practitioner's back ...
List Of The 72 Shaolin Martial Arts - Sluice Shutter Weighing 1000 Jin
... Sluice Shutter Weighing 1000 Jin (千斤閘, Qiānjīn zhá) helps to improve the practitioner's physical strength ... The practitioner begins training by remaining in the "horse stance" for a period of time while raising his hands upwards ... Mastery of the skill is attained when the practitioner can balance a 500 kg sluice shutter on his head ...