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Power Over Ethernet - Power Management Features and Integration - Switch Power Features
... themselves often contain "active", "smart", or "managed" power management features to further reduce AC draw of all devices combined ... P1905) and handoff standards (IEEE 802.21) generally rely on simulating Ethernet features in other media ... For instance, networking on existing AC power lines to an outlet where a PoE router is plugged, making it capable of moving a gigabit per second to every device, with minimal wiring ...
Power Over Ethernet
... Power over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to pass electrical power safely, along with data, on Ethernet cabling ... The IEEE standard for PoE requires category 5 cable or higher for high power levels, but can operate with category 3 cable if less power is required ... Power is supplied in common mode over two or more of the differential pairs of wires found in the Ethernet cables and comes from a power supply within a PoE-e ...

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