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Power Car
... A power car is a railroad vehicle that is closely related to the locomotive ... A power car, on the other hand, is frequently an integral part of its train ... Power cars are limited to passenger trains as their relative lack of versatility makes them unsuitable for hauling freight ...
British Rail Class 43 (HST) - Development and Design - Life Extension
... During 2005, two Class 43 power cars (43004 and 43009) operated by First Great Western were fitted with new MTU V16 4000 engines before being tested in passenger operation on the Great Western ... In December 2005, First announced that all its power cars would receive the MTU engine ... East Coast's fleet of re-engined power cars have been renumbered into the 432xx and 433xx series by adding 200 to the existing power car number ...
Country Link XPT - Fleet - Power Cars
... XPT power cars originally featured a Paxman Valenta 12RP200L Engine with a single turbocharger ... Power cars comprise five main compartments at the platform level ... The State Rail Authority named 18 of the 19 XP power cars after destinations that the XPT served ...
Rail Rolling Stock In New South Wales - Suburban Passenger Rolling Stock - Double-deck Cars - 1972 Comeng Power Cars
... In 1972, the first Comeng-constructed stainless steel double deck power-cars entered service ... These cars (C3805–3857) were loosely based on the recently introduced inter-urban cars, the V-Set ... Cars C3844–3857 were delivered in the blue and white livery of the Public Transport Commission in the 1970s, and repainted to deep Indian red after 1976, before being paint-stripped to run in their original ...
Country Link XPT - History - Development
... March 1980, the order was only for 30, 10 power cars and 20 carriages enough to form four five-carriage trains with two spare power cars ... The High Speed Train design was significantly modified with the power cars being 50 cm shorter, the Paxman Valenta engine down rated from 2,250 bhp to 2,000 bhp, gearing lowered for a top operating ... The passenger trailers cars were based on a Budd design, rather than the British Rail Mark 3 trailers, which were considered unsuitable ...

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