Post-Keynesian Economists - Major Post-Keynesian Economists

Major Post-Keynesian Economists

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Major post-Keynesian economists of the first and second generations after Keynes include:

  • Victoria Chick
  • Paul Davidson
  • Alfred Eichner
  • Augusto Graziani
  • Geoff Harcourt
  • Michael Hudson
  • Nicholas Kaldor
  • MichaƂ Kalecki
  • Steve Keen
  • Jan Kregel
  • Paolo Leon
  • Abba P. Lerner
  • Hyman Minsky
  • Basil Moore
  • Luigi Pasinetti
  • Joan Robinson
  • George Shackle
  • Anthony Thirlwall
  • Fernando Vianello
  • William Vickrey
  • Sidney Weintraub

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