Polish American Football League

The Polish American Football League or shortly PLFA (Polish: Polska Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego) is a structured system for the American football competitions in Poland founded in 2006 by Polish federation PZFA. In 2012 the Topliga was created as a major league with a bid (invitation) rule. Remaining teams is divided into two leagues (PLFA I and PLFA II) between which there is promotion and relegation. There are two eight-man football competitions: PLFA 8 for reserve teams and smaller clubs, and PLFA J for under-17 players.

The top four teams from the Topliga regular season enter the playoffs and the winners meet in the championship game called the SuperFinał (more commonly known as the Polish Bowl). PLFA I championship game is called the PLFA Cup Game.

In the 2013 season there were 74 teams in 5 leagues. 57 teams played 11-man football (8 teams in the Topliga, 8 teams in the PLFA I and 21 teams in the PLFA II) and other 37 teams played 8-man football competitions: 20 senior teams and 17 junior teams). TopLiga and PLFA I are divided into two divisions, PLFA II three divisions; PLFA 8 and PLFAJ five divisions for the geographical reason.

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