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Quantum Darwinism - Implications
... The measurement problem arises because the quantum state vector, the source of all knowledge concerning quantum systems, evolves according to the Schrödinger equation into a linear superposition of ... has traditionally treated this problem as being resolved by a non-unitary transformation of the state vector at the time of measurement into a definite state ... means of predicting the value of the definite state that will be measured in the form of a probability for each possible measurement value ...
... Due to the interaction with the environment, the vast majority of states in the Hilbert space of a quantum open system become highly unstable to entangling interaction with the environment ... is typically many orders of magnitude shorter than any other dynamical timescale, a generic quantum state decays into a mixture of pointer states ... Thus, einselection precludes stable existence of superpositions of pointer states ...
Einselection - Details
... Einselected pointer states are distinguished by their ability to persist in spite of the environmental monitoring and therefore are the ones in which quantum open systems are observed ... Understanding the nature of these states and the process of their dynamical selection is of fundamental importance ... apparatus whose intrinsic dynamics can be neglected, pointer states turn out to be eigenstates of the interaction Hamiltonian between the apparatus and its environment ...
Quantum Darwinism - Darwinian Significance
... and thus is aptly named Numerous copies are made of pointer states Pointer states evolve in a continuous, predictable manner, that is descendants inherit many of their ... Successive interactions between pointer states and their environment reveal them to evolve and those states to survive which conform to the predictions of classical physics within the ...

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