Planner may refer to:

  • A diary for planning
  • Planner programming language
  • Planner (PIM for Emacs)
  • Urban planner
  • Route planner
  • Meeting and convention planner
  • Query Planner, component of a database management system

Other articles related to "planner":

Certified Mortgage Planner
... In the United States certified mortgage planner is a designation for the purpose of establishing a new professional category in the mortgage sector one that ... The term "mortgage planner" has been adopted as a generic niche term for mortgage originators who choose to assist borrowers on a more personal level by incorporating the ... The term "certified mortgage planner" is an effort to validate through education and subsequent certification a mortgage originator that has had specific training for the purpose of incorporating the ...
Colin Buchanan (town Planner)
... (22 August 1907 – 6 December 2001) was a British town planner ... He became Britain's most famous planner following the publication of Traffic in Towns in 1963, which presented a comprehensive view of the issues surrounding the growth of personal car ownership and urban traffic ...
Legible London - Design
... Two maps, a ‘planner map’ and a ‘finder map' are displayed on each side of the monoliths, although some signs are only one–sided ... Both planner and finder maps show ‘walking circles’ to place the user in context of his or her surroundings ... The planner map displays a ’15 minutes walk’ circle, while finder maps show ‘5 minutes walk’ circle ...
Carl Hewitt - Research - Planner
... The Planner language was developed during the late 1960s as part of Hewitt's doctoral research in MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ... Hewitt's work on Planner introduced the notion of the "procedural embedding of knowledge", which was an alternative to the logical approach to knowledge encoding for ... Planner has been described as "extremely ambitious" ...