Pipe Major

The Pipe Major is the director of bagpipe music in a Scottish or Irish pipe band. Like the appointment of Drum Major, the position of Pipe Major is derived from British Army traditions. During the early twentieth century, the term Sergeant Piper was used for the role in place of "Pipe Major".

Civilian and military pipe bands usually assign a Pipe Major. Apart from being an outstanding musician, a Pipe Major should by tradition be an educated person well-versed in the history of bagpipe music as well as the history of their clan or regiment. The Pipe Major of a pipe band is usually assisted by a Pipe Sergeant.

Whether it is a civilian or military pipe band, the Pipe Major is usually responsible for:

  • Band administrative work
  • Selection, compilation and arrangement of tunes for the band's repertoire
  • Acting as a musical director and leading band rehearsals
  • Coordination of the band's performance schedule
  • Conducting and arranging for solo performance at weddings, funerals, dinners, and other functions
  • Training learning and beginning pipers

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Charles Davidson Dunbar - British Army
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Pipe Major - Canadian Forces
... "Pipe Major" in the Canadian military is also an appointment not a rank ... Pipe Majors are appointed by the unit Commanding Officer after consulting with the Supervisor of Music (Directorate of History and Heritage - 7) ... The Pipe Major's insignia (a four-bar chevron with bagpipe badge) is usually surmounted with the appropriate rank badge ...
Charles Davidson Dunbar - World War I
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... The girls were initially taught in secret by Scottish Pipe Major Douglas Scott-Taylor who, it is said, thought teaching women would damage his reputation ... the first female, and first non-Scot pipe major who came from their own ranks, when Sgt Edith Turnbull—the first member of the band—was made a Pipe Major in the band ...

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