Pie Menus

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Pie Menu - Comparison With Other Interaction Techniques
... Pie menus are faster and more reliable to select from than linear menus, because selection depends on direction instead of distance ... The circular menu slices are large in size and near the pointer for fast interaction (see Fitts's law) ... Experienced users use muscle memory without looking at the menu while selecting from it ...
Don Hopkins
... He developed and refined pie menus for many platforms and applications including window managers, Emacs, SimCity and The Sims, and published a frequently cited paper about pie menus at CHI'88 with Jack Callahan ... He has published many free software and open source implementations of pie menus for X10, X11, NeWS, Tcl/tk, ScriptX, ActiveX, JavaScript, OpenLaszlo, Python and OLPC, and also proprietary ...

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