Pictet is the surname of several people:

  • Adolphe Pictet (1799 - 1875), Swiss linguist
  • Amé Pictet (1857 - 1937), Swiss chemist
  • Benedict Pictet (1655–1724), Swiss theologian
  • Charles Pictet de Rochemont (1755 - 1824), Swiss politician
  • François Jules Pictet de la Rive (1809 - 1872), Swiss zoologist and palaeontologist
  • Marc-Auguste Pictet (1752 - 1825), Swiss physicist
  • Raoul Pictet (1846 - 1929), Swiss physicist, one of the first two people to liquefy oxygen

In addition to that, for:

  • Pictet (crater), crater on the moon, named after Marc-Auguste Pictet
  • Pictet–Spengler reaction, chemical reaction in which a β-arylethylamine is heated in the presence of an aldehyde and acid
  • Pictet & Cie, Geneva-based Swiss bank
  • Pic-Pic, Piccard & Pictet, Swiss automobile

Other articles related to "pictet":

Amé Pictet
... Amé Pictet (July 12, 1857 – March 11, 1937) was a Swiss chemist ... He discovered the Pictet-Spengler reaction ... Pictet was born in Geneva, studied with August Kekulé at the University of Bonn where he received his Ph.D in 1879 ...
Pictet & Cie - Structure
... Pictet Asset Management includes all the operating subsidiaries and divisions of the Pictet group that carry out institutional asset management through specialised, traditional and alternative ... Pictet provides a consolidated view of assets held and managed across multiple relationships, in over 80 markets ... Set up in the early nineties, the purpose of the Pictet Alternative Investments (PAI) department is to select hedge fund managers and private equity managers both for its clients and for its own ...
Pictet & Cie - History
... Pictet Cie traces its origin to the foundation of Banque de Candolle Mallet Cie on 23 July 1805 ... Although the Pictet family had been intimately engaged with the bank since the mid 19th century, it was only in 1926 that the Bank changed its name to Pictet Cie ... Since the 1970s Pictet has been working with independent asset managers and their clients worldwide, offering them a set of services specially designed for this particular financial management activity ...
Charles Pictet De Rochemont
... Charles Pictet de Rochemont (21 September 1755 – 28 December 1824) was a statesman and diplomat who prepared the declaration of Switzerland's permanent neutrality ratified by the great powers in 1815 ... Charles Pictet was born on 21 September 1755 at Cartigny near Geneva into an aristocratic but tolerant family ... He is the son of a colonel, Charles Pictet (1713–1792) and of Marie, born Dunant ...