Phrygian can refer to:

  • A person from Phrygia
  • Phrygian cap once characteristic of the region
  • Phrygian language
  • Phrygian mode in music
  • Phrygian Valley, a historic location in northwestern Turkey

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Andalusian Cadence - Denominations in Flamenco Music - Derivative Keys
... the first to use the new keys, and given distinctive names Term used in Flamenco Tonal key Modal (Phrygian) key Chord progression Construction por granaína E minor B Phrygian Em – D – C – B por medio, capo ...
Phrygian Language
... The Phrygian language /ˈfrɪdʒiən/ was the Indo-European language of the Phrygians, spoken in Asia Minor during Classical Antiquity (ca ... Phrygian is considered to have been closely related to Greek ... The similarity of some Phrygian words to Greek ones was observed by Plato in his Cratylus (410a) ...
Phrygian Cap (medical)
... In medicine, a Phrygian cap is the folded portion of some gallbladders that resembles the Phrygian cap (a soft conical cap with the top pulled forward, associated in antiquity with the inhabitants of Phrygia, a ... CT scan showing a phrygian cap ...