Photon Number

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Quantum Tomography - Methods of Quantum State Tomography - Linear Inversion - Example Homodyne Tomography.
... the advantages of the high efficiencies of photodiodes in measuring the intensity or photon number of light, together with measuring the quantum features of light by a clever set-up called the homodyne ... One is used as local oscillator (LO) and the other is used to generate photons with a particular quantum state ... This crystal generates two photons in a certain quantum state ...
Photon Antibunching
... Photon antibunching generally refers to a light field with photons more equally spaced than a coherent laser field and a signal at detectors is anticorrelated ... (but it need not) refer to sub-Poissonian photon statistics, that is a photon number distribution for which the variance is less than the mean ... Nevertheless this kind of statistics was not observed directly with photon number resolving detector ...
Quantum Key Distribution Network - Attacks & Security Proofs - Photon Number Splitting Attack
... BB84 protocol Alice sends quantum states to Bob using single photons ... These laser pulses contain a very small number of photons, for example 0.2 photons per pulse, which are distributed according to a Poissonian distribution ... This means most pulses actually contain no photons (no pulse is sent), some pulses contain 1 photon (which is desired) and a few pulses contain 2 or ...

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