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Sex Scandal

In 2011 he was identified as the man who paid an 18-year-old man he found on craigslist for "a really good time" in a hotel room. The man stated that when they were in the hotel room, Hinkle "grabbed him in the rear, dropped his towel and sat down on the bed — naked." The young man changed his mind about the sexual encounter, prompting Hinkle to offer him money and electronics as a bribe to keep quiet.

Several of his fellow GOP lawmakers debated whether Hinkle should resign. Governor Mitch Daniels called the situation a "family tragedy". Hinkle insists that he is not gay and will not resign, but will not run for office again.

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Sex Scandal

A sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about possibly-immoral sexual activities being made public. Sex scandals are often associated with sexual affairs of movie stars, politicians, famous athletes or others in the public eye, and become scandals largely because of the prominence of the person involved, perceptions of hypocrisy on their part, or the non-normative nature of their sexuality. A scandal may be based on reality, the product of false allegations, or a mixture of both.

Sex scandals involving politicians often become political scandals, particularly when there is an attempt at a cover-up, or suspicions of illegality.

While some commentators see sex scandals as irrelevant to politics, particularly where "professional performance not seem to be impaired", Gene Healy of the Cato Institute views them as not just "great fun", but a reminder "that we should think twice before we cede more power to these clowns."

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