Peter Pan and The Pirates - Episodes


  1. The Coldest Cut of All - King Kyros's Ice Realm is one area of Neverland where Peter Pan is not welcome. But the arrogant and reckless boy is not about to let a cranky ice god spoil his fun. Peter takes an ice crystal from the ice caves and returns home to share his treasure and adventurous tale with Wendy, Tink, and the Lost Boys. His friends will also be sharing his punishment when Kyros retaliates.
  2. Living Pictures - Tink finds a way to make bookstories real after somebody reads the book.
  3. River of Night -
  4. Slightly in Stone - Tink has a magic powder she wants to try out on the berries. It's too heavy for her, so it falls out of her hands and gets in touch with Slightly ...
  5. The Rake - Peter, Slightly, and John accidentally open a box that contained the Ghost of Captain Patch (AKA Jasper Hook). The Ghost of Captain Patch raises his ship called the Rake and plans his revenge on his younger brother Captain James Hook for blinding him years ago. Now Captain Hook must form a truce with Peter Pan in order to defeat Captain Patch.
  6. Peter on Trial -
  7. The Wind and the Panther -
  8. Treasure Hunt -
  9. The Plucking of Short Tom -
  10. The Dream - Micheal Darling has a dream about the Crocodile (AKA the one that goes Tick Tock) and a red eagle. So it's up to Peter, Wendy and John and the rest to find out what it means.
  11. Demise of Hook - Peter and the Lost Boys cause a commotion among the pirates when they steal the Jolly Roger's flag. In trying to retaliate, Hook puts too much gunpowder into Long Tom and gets blown to smithereens. The rest of the pirates decide to leave Neverland since their captain's vendetta with Peter was the only thing that kept them there. Peter is devastated that Hook is dead and the pirates are gone. But he may just get one last showdown with his archenemy when the Lost Boys tell him that Hook's back.
  12. Pirate Boys, Lost Men - In the middle of the night the Lost Boys are hunting a bear, while the Pirates want to steal a magic crystal. Because it happens at the same time and place it's not to avoid to interfere each other and then to see the consequences ...
  13. After the Laughter -
  14. Stupid Smee -
  15. The Play's the Thing -
  16. Hook's Mother's Picture - The lost boys want to know how a real mother looks. Peter takes them to the Jolly Roger to take a look at the portrait of Hook's mother, which is the only one so far. To make things funnier Peter gets the picture and the pirates are trying to replace it, til they finally don't know anymore which is the real one ...
  17. Wee Problem -
  18. Knights of Neverland - Wendy has a dream of a wolf, which comes out to be real.
  19. Pirate Shadows -
  20. Now Day Party - Peter doesn't want that the night gets over, so he takes the girl from the moon down to the earth and makes everything for her to like this place and doesn't want to return to the moon. Finally she notices it is not right this way and returns.
  21. When Games Become Deadly -
  22. Eternal Youth - Peter makes Hook and his crew believe that there is a magic river in Neverland with water that can make everyone and everything younger.
  23. The Foot Race -
  24. Nibs and the Mermaids - Nibs decides to journey to the bottom of the lagoon in order to see the Mermaids' Grotto.
  25. All Hallow's Eve -
  26. Billy Jukes, Lost Boy - When Robert Mullins comes down with Neverfever and Billy Jukes goes after him in order to find a cure, Slightly tries to prove himself to the others by capturing them only for the three of them to be caught in a thunderstorm. While taking refuge in a cave and planning to find the stuff needed to cure Robert, Slightly learns about Billy and Robert's past.
  27. Phantom Shaman -
  28. Tootles and the Dragon - Peter and the boys find a big magic key that sticks in the stone. After everyone's failure to get it out from there Tootles touches it and makes the stone alive.
  29. First Encounter - John is in an inquisitive mood today and wants to know how certain events in Neverland came to pass. Peter begins answering John's questions by explaining why he made the Croc swallow the clock. He then describes how the Jolly Roger was brought to Neverland by a strange hurricane and how the Lost Boys and the pirates first met. During the course of the story, Peter reveals that he cut off Hook's hand when he thought that the pirate had killed Nibs and Tootles in their first battle. The flashbacks show that Hook's scream of pain could be heard all over the island as a signal that life in Neverland would never be the same.
  30. Slightly Duped - Wishing to become Peter's second-in-command more then everything else Slightly gets abacinated when hearing this wish may can come true. After being much to naive with that and getting tricked first by his friends, as a joke, and then by the pirates, more seriously, he makes a lot of trouble to everybody and finally realizes he's not qualified for this position. At the and everything is the same as at the beginning: the second-in-command and leader of the rest of the lost boys is not Slightly, but Nibs.
  31. Professor Smee - Smee finds a big shell, which tells him everything he wants to know.
  32. Evicted! -
  33. The Girl Who Lives in the Moon -
  34. Hook's Christmas - Captain Hook believes that Christmas is a waste of time even when he crashes his crew's Christmas party and locks himself in his cabin for the remainder of the evening. Captain Hook is then visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (who resembles Wendy), Ghost of Christmas Present (who resembles Smee), and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (who resembles Captain Patch) who end up teaching him the meaning of Christmas. A parody of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol."
  35. Tootles the Bold - Tootles wishes to be the hero of a great adventure, but is a little scared not to be qualified for that. Tink helps his courage with a 'talisman' and Tootles makes friendsa with a whale family.
  36. The Hook and the Hat - Peter takes the hat from Hook and suddenly thinks to be the Captain himself.
  37. Ages of Pan Pt. 1 -
  38. Ages of Pan Pt. 2 -
  39. The Ruby -
  40. Friday the Thirteenth -
  41. Immortal Pan -
  42. Lost Memories of Pirate Pan -
  43. Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook - Hook gets hit at his head and suddenly thinks he is a big scientist.
  44. Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid - While playing with two mermaids in the lagoon, Peter innocently claims that Wendy is the most beautiful being in Neverland. The two mermaids get jealous and later capture Wendy where they slowly turn her into a mermaid minus the ability to breathe underwater. When Peter Pan goes underwater to rescue Wendy, he ends up getting the unlikely help from Crooked Tail.
  45. The Great Race - The Twins have a conflict and then only argue the whole time. To make this stop Peter and the others decide to make a race, which shall decide whose invention is better.
  46. Curly's Laugh - After Curly accidentally pours a bunch of water on Peter and his friends, Peter tells him he's not funny. Tinker Bell comes in and Curly asks if she can make him funny. Tinker Bell does so and warns him not to do it while she's around. But every time he speaks, his friends burst into laughter. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is trying to do a play yet he can't find anybody to make him laugh for the play.
  47. Mardi Gras - Peter and the Lost boys honour a cease-fire with the pirates after Hook had rescued Michael from the Croc. They go together to the Mardi Gras to have fun with each other when it finally comes out what the real plans of the pirates are.
  48. The Never Ark -
  49. The Croc and the Clock -
  50. Three Wishes -
  51. A Hole in the Wall -
  52. Hook the Faithful Son -
  53. Wendy and the Croc - Wendy wants to know how it is like to be a fairy. Tink decides to give her the possibility, when suddenly, during the experiment the Croc interferes ...
  54. Elementary, My Dear Pan - While Wendy reads "The Hounds of Baskerville" to Peter Pan and The lost Boys. Peter finds out his pan pipes have gone missing. So it's up to Sherlock Pan and Dr John "Waston" to solve the case.
  55. Frau Brumhandel -
  56. Play Ball -
  57. Jules Verne Night -
  58. The Pirate Who Came to Dinner -
  59. The Neverscroll -
  60. Peter in Wonderland -
  61. A Day at the Fair - Michael goes to a place, where everybody in Neverland comes for having fun. When the pirates join he decides with Tink to make some jokes.
  62. Count De Chauvin -
  63. Seven League Boots -
  64. Invisible Tootles - At the underground house nobody listens or even notes Tootles so that he start's talking about himself to be invisible, when he should be careful what he says.
  65. The Letter - Starkey thinks his mother is going to visit him on the Jolly Roger.

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