Pentium III Xeon

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Slot 2
... for the 330-lead Single Edge Contact Cartridge (or edge-connector) used by some of Intel's Pentium II Xeon and certain models of the Pentium III Xeon ... When first introduced, Slot 1 Pentium IIs were intended to replace the Pentium and Pentium Pro processors in the home, desktop, and low-end SMP markets ... The Pentium II Xeon, which was aimed at multiprocessor workstations and servers, was largely similar to the later Pentium IIs, being based on the same P6 Deschutes core, aside from a ...
List Of Intel Xeon Microprocessors - P6-based Xeons - Pentium III Xeon - "Cascades" (180 Nm)
... All models support MMX, SSE Only Xeon 700 and 900 are capable of quad processor configurations Model number sSpec number Frequency L2 cache FSB Mult ... Voltage TDP Socket Release date Part number(s) Release price (USD) Pentium III Xeon 600 SL3BJ (A2) SL3WM (B0) SL3BK (A2) SL3WN (B0) SL3SS (A2) 600 MHz 256 KB 133 MT/s 4.5× 5–12 V 19.2 ...

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