• (adj): Tending to penetrate; having the power of entering or piercing.
    Example: "A cold penetrating wind"; "a penetrating odor"
    Synonyms: penetrative
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List Of Me SH Codes (C21) - MeSH C21 --- Disorders of Environmental Origin - MeSH C21.866 --- Wounds and Injuries - MeSH C21.866.986 --- Wounds, Penetrating
... decapitation MeSH C21.866.986.450 --- eye injuries, penetrating MeSH C21.866.986.500 --- head injuries, penetrating MeSH C21.866.986.900 --- wounds, gunshot MeSH C21.866.986.950 --- wounds, stab MeSH C21.866.986.95 ...
Penetrating Trauma
... Penetrating trauma is an injury that occurs when an object pierces the skin and enters a tissue of the body, creating an open wound ... In blunt, or non-penetrating trauma, there may be an impact, but the skin is not necessarily broken ... The penetrating object may remain in the tissues, come back out the way it entered, or pass through the tissues and exit from another area ...
Lacunar Stroke - Pathophysiology
... Lacunes are caused by occlusion of a single deep penetrating artery that arises directly from the constituents of the Circle of Willis, cerebellar arteries, and basilar artery ... the parent artery blocks the orifice of the penetrating artery (luminal atheroma), or atheroma involves the origin of the penetrating artery (junctional atheroma) ... to be the mechanism when there is stenosis of the penetrating artery ...
Penetrating Head Injury - Prognosis
... Penetrating injury from any missile such as a bullet has a mortality rate of 92% ... Penetrating head trauma can cause impairment or loss of abilities controlled by parts of the brain that are damaged ... changed (though not as dramatically as usually described) after a penetrating injury to his frontal lobe(s) ...
Abdominal Trauma - Classification
... Abdominal trauma is divided into blunt and penetrating types ... While penetrating abdominal trauma (PAT) is usually diagnosed based on clinical signs, diagnosis of blunt abdominal trauma is more likely to be delayed or altogether ... Penetrating trauma is further subdivided into stab wounds and gunshot wounds, which require different methods of treatment ...

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Famous quotes containing the word penetrating:

    For us necessity is not as of old an image without us, with whom we can do warfare; it is a magic web woven through and through us, like that magnetic system of which modern science speaks, penetrating us with a network subtler than our subtlest nerves, yet bearing in it the central forces of the world.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)

    Einstein is loved because he is gentle, respected because he is wise. Relativity being not for most of us, we elevate its author to a position somewhere between Edison, who gave us a tangible gleam, and God, who gave us the difficult dark and the hope of penetrating it.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)

    Life is very narrow. Bring any club or company of intelligent men together again after ten years, and if the presence of some penetrating and calming genius could dispose them to frankness, what a confession of insanities would come up!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)