Pedestal Craters

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Arabia Quadrangle - Craters
... Impact craters generally have a rim with ejecta around them, in contrast volcanic craters usually do not have a rim or ejecta deposits ... As craters get larger (greater than 10 km in diameter) they usually have a central peak ... The peak is caused by a rebound of the crater floor following the impact ...
Arabia Quadrangle - Layers
... A recent study of layers in craters in western Arabia revealed much about the history of the layers ... Although the craters in this study are just outside the boundary for the Arabia quadrangle the findings would probably apply to the Arabia quadrangle as well ... The thickness of each layer may average less than 4 meters in one crater, but 20 meters in another ...
Tikhonravov (crater) - Pedestal Craters
... Some craters in Tikhonravov are classified as pedestal craters ... A pedestal crater is a crater with its ejecta sitting above the surrounding terrain ... They form when an impact crater ejects material which forms an erosion resistant layer, thus causing the immediate area to erode more slowly than the rest of the region ...

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