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Signature Snares

  • Dennis Chambers – A 6.5"x14" snare made with 4 plies of maple with 4 additional plies of reinforcement rings. It is available in an opal white finish, and features split-tube lugs. It is the only snare (if not the only drum) in Pearl's drum lineup to feature Evans heads as standard equipment, as Chambers is an endorser of that brand.
  • Mike Mangini - A unique 6.25"x10" 'Golden Ratio'sized snare made with 6 ply, 100% Birch shell complete with "Phi" graphic covering. It has Swivel Tube Lugs (STL-65), SuperHoop II hoops and an included OptiMount holder.
  • Joey Jordison - A 6.5"x13" snare made with a 1mm steel shell with Masters Series lugs(CL-65B). The shell, hoops, and lugs are all painted black, while the shell features laser-engraved Slipknot logos around it.
  • Virgil Donati – A 5"x14" snare made with an 8-ply shell consisting of 4 inner plies of birch and 4 outer plies of maple with rounded bearing edges.
  • Omar Hakim - A 5"x13" snare made with 6 plies of African mahogany and SuperHoop II hoops.
  • Ian Paice - A 6.5"x14" snare made with a beaded steel shell and locking tension rods. The snare itself is a modified version of Ludwig Drums' Supraphonic snare, and Paice himself was a former endorser of the company prior to his switch to Pearl.
  • Chad Smith - A 5"x14" steel snare in a black nickel finish, featuring Masters Series lugs.
  • Daniel Erlandsson - A 5.5"x14" snare made with a 1.2mm beadless stainless steel shell with Dual-Color Tube lugs, black Superhoop II hoops, an Arch Enemy symbol, Ultra Sound snare wires, and Evans heads. This snare is only available in Europe.

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