Paul Terrell

Paul Terrell is the founder of The Byte Shop, one of the first personal computer retailers. He started the store in December 1975 in Mountain View, California.

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History Of Apple Inc. - 1969-1984: Jobs and Wozniak - Pre-foundation
... The owner, Paul Terrell, went further, saying he would order 50 of the machines and pay US $500 ($2.04 thousand in present-day terms) each on delivery ... in that time frame, collect my money from Terrell at the Byte Shop and pay you." With that, the credit manager called Paul Terrell who was attending an IEEE computer ... Amazed at the tenacity of Jobs, Terrell assured the credit manager if the computers showed up in his stores Jobs would be paid and would have more than enough money to pay ...
Paul Terrell - Exidy Sorcerer Computer
... It was the result of collaboration by Paul Terrell founder of Byte Shop computer stores, Howell Ivy, and Pete Kauffman of Exidy, Inc ... owned one of the leading coin-operated video game companies at the time and as Paul Terrell would put it “Their graphic designs with a computer were so good they would take quarters out of my pocket.” The Personal ... Paul convinced his friends Pete and Howell to design and build “The Computer of his dreams”, The Exidy Sorcerer ...

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