Path Length

In chemistry, the path length is defined as the distance that light (UV/VIS) travels through a sample in an analytical cell. Typically, a sample cell is made of quartz, glass, or a plastic rhombic cuvette with a volume typically ranging from 0.1 mL to 10 mL or larger used in a spectrophotometer. For the purposes of spectrophotometry (i.e. when making calculations using the Beer-Lambert law) the path length is measured in centimeters (rather than in meters).

In a computer network, the path length is one of many possible router metrics used by a router to help determine the best route among multiple routes to a destination. It consists of the end-to-end hop count from a source to a destination over the network.

More simply, in general computer terminology, it can mean simply the total number of instructions executed from point A to point B in a program - Instruction path length.

In physics, the path length is defined as the total distance an object travels. Unlike displacement, which is the total distance an object travels from a starting point, path length is the total distance travelled, regardless of where it travelled.

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Beer–Lambert Law - Equations
... the path length), ℓ ... Thus, if the path length and the molar absorptivity (or the absorption cross section) are known and the absorbance is measured, the concentration of the substance (or the number density of absorbers) can be deduced ... absorption is proportional to the light path length, whereas the Beer law states that absorption is proportional to the concentration of absorbing species in the material ...
Stopping Power (particle Radiation) - Stopping Power, Bragg Curve and Range
... fixed amount of energy (for example, 33.97 eV in dry air), the density of ionisation along the path is proportional to the stopping power of the material ... 'Stopping power' is treated as a property of the material, while 'energy loss per unit path length' describes what happens to the particle ... sign in front where E means energy, and x is the path length ...
... at least one inflection point, is the ratio of the curvilinear length (along the curve) and the distance (straight line) between the end points of the curve ...
Instruction Path Length - Assembly Programs
... assembly instructions and machine instructions, the instruction path length is frequently taken as the number of assembly instructions required to perform a ... Expressed in terms of instruction path length, this metric would be reduced in this instance by a massive factor of 50 – a reason why actual instruction timings might be a secondary ... The instruction path length of an assembly language program is generally vastly different than the number of source lines of code for that program, because the instruction path length ...
Barabási–Albert Model - Properties - Average Path Length
... The average path length of the BA model increases approximately logarithmically with the size of the network ... logarithmic correction and goes as The BA model has a systematically shorter average path length than a random graph ...

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