Password Authentication Schemes

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Comparison Of Relational Database Management Systems - Access Control
... progress) Native network encryption1 Brute-force protection Enterprise directory compatibility Password complexity rules2 Patch access3 Run unprivileged4 ... Note (2) Options are present to set a minimum size for password, respect complexity like presence of numbers or special characters ... Note (9) Authentication methods Note (10) Informix Dynamic Server supports PAM and other configurable authentication ...
Password Authentication Protocol
... A password authentication protocol (PAP) is an authentication protocol that uses a password ... PAP transmits unencrypted ASCII passwords over the network and is therefore considered insecure ... resort when the remote server does not support a stronger authentication protocol, like CHAP or EAP (the latter is actually a framework) ...
Comparison Of Privilege Authorization Features - Security Considerations - Spoofed Dialogs
... legitimate, the malicious software would then know the user's password ... If the Secure Desktop or similar feature were disabled, the malicious software could use that password to gain higher privileges ... (known as the secure attention sequence) as part of the authentication process ...

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