Pan Pan

Pan Pan is a lost small Hindu Kingdom believed to have existed around 3rd–7th Century CE., somewhere in Kelantan or Terengganu, Malaysia. Little is known about this kingdom. The kingdom was later conquered by Srivijaya under the leadership of Dharmasetu before 775 CE. It is speculated be related to Pan tan i (Pattani Kingdom), which occupies the same area today, and is different in culture and language to other Malay regions nearby.

From the period of 424 to 453, the kingdom sent its first missions to China. From here, Kaundinya II is said to have tried to re-introduce Hinduism to the kingdom of Funan on the other side of the Gulf of Siam.

During the Chinese Southern and Northern Dynasties, in year 529, 533, 534, 535 and 571 the Kingdom of Pan Pan sent tribute to China. In year 616 and 637, the Kingdom of Pan Pan sent tribute to Tang dynasty.

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